Lawmakers react to state budget negotiations, extender

Sen. Pam Helming (R-C-I-54)

An extended budget is the only thing that stands between New York State and a shutdown now that the budget deadline has come and gone.

Sen. Pam Helming (R-C-I-54) voted to pass the extension, which provides temporary relief for facilities that would otherwise be hit hard by the failure by state legislators to pass a budget.

  • Hospitals and nursing homes would not have the resources to care for patients;
  • State police, Corrections Officers and fire departments would be stripped to bare bones; and
  • Schools and local governments would not receive the funding needed to maintain operations.

Helming said of the temporary budget solution, “I believe we must govern responsibly; the consequences of shutting down government and putting the public’s health and safety in jeopardy is not a responsible option.”

She said in a statement Monday, “I am committed to meaningful reforms to help our small businesses, local governments and not for profits like Workers Comp changes, which will protect injured workers while providing significant savings to business.”

Assemblyman Brian Kolb (R-131) called the passing of an extender budget “ludicrous.”

He said in a statement on Monday, “Governing for two months by emergency extender is ludicrous. It is a disservice to the people we represent. It creates enormous uncertainty, for taxpayers, schools, health care providers and municipalities.”

Kolb added, “Albany’s budget-making process is disgraceful. It has become weighed down by partisan political agendas and has reached an unprecedented level of secrecy. Perhaps if eyes were focused more intently on the business at home and less on Washington D.C., New Yorkers would already have a responsible spending plan for the coming fiscal year.”

His remarks were summed up by a powerful statement highlighting the frustration many residents and lawmakers are feeling throughout the state. “A late budget is a failure of state government to meet one of its basic responsibilities.”

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