Seneca Falls Little League returns Seneca Meadows sponsor money

The Seneca Falls Little League board took an impactful vote at their last meeting via email.

The board voted 7-2 to return sponsor money from Seneca Meadows.

On Wednesday, the Seneca Falls Town Board will host a Public Hearing on a proposed local law, which would rescind another passed in December aimed at shutting down Seneca Meadows in 2025.

The Public Hearing on proposed Local Law No. 3 of 2017 will begin at the Seneca Falls Community Center at 5 pm.

The last public hearing on the now-active Waste Disposal Law lasted several hours, as members of the community sounded off about potential health risks, as well as the economic impact of pushing a company like Seneca Meadows out of the area.

FingerLakes1.com will have video coverage of the public hearing tonight upon it’s conclusion.

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