Report looks at performance of Child Protective Services

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A report released on Monday outlines the performance of Child Protective Services throughout the Finger Lakes.

The report highlighted three pieces of data, which included the following:

— Percentage of workers with more than 15 CPS investigations;
— Percentage of overdue investigations;
— Percentage of timely safety assessments.

The report looks at the struggle many counties are faced with as case loads increase, while staffing issues become more prevalent.

The data was released by the Office of Children and Family Services. This report, which is summarized annually gives a screenshot of each county — and how they are handling the case loads coming into their offices.

The data shows that different counties struggle with different aspects of the current system. Whether it’s executing mandated safety assessments within a set window, or having enough staff to handle growing caseloads.

See how the Finger Lakes and Central New York did ranked against the rest of the state.

Percentage of workers with more than 15 CPS investigations:

Steuben: 69 percent
Wayne: 44 percent
Monroe: 40 percent
Cortland: 31 percent
Oswego: 23 percent
Chemung: 22 percent
Onondaga: 16 percent
Cayuga: 15 percent
Tompkins: 6 percent
Ontario: Zero
Seneca: Zero
Yates: Zero

Editor’s Note: The median score was 23 percent.

Percentage of overdue investigations:

Steuben: 47 percent
Cortland: 34 percent
Monroe: 33 percent
Chemung: 25 percent
Wayne: 22 percent
Onondaga: 21 percent
Ontario: 17 percent
Cayuga: 10 percent
Seneca: 8 percent
Tompkins: 7 percent
Yates: Zero

Editor’s Note: The median score was 20 percent.

Percentage of safety assessments approved within 7 days:

Onondaga: 18 percent
Cayuga: 35 percent
Chemung: 62 percent
Wayne: 64 percent
Monroe: 68 percent
Cortland: 70 percent
Seneca: 76 percent
Ontario: 83 percent
Tompkins: 85 percent
Schuyler: 95 percent
Yates: 97 percent
Steuben: 98 percent

Editor’s Note: The median score was 76 percent.

Read the complete report here from New York’s Department of Office of Children and Family Services.

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