Ontario, Tompkins only counties to see growth as state population declines

Change by county throughout New York.

Upstate New York lost another 23,434 people from 2015 to 2016, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau estimates.

Downstate saw an increase of 21,540 people, which has resulted in an increase of 426,835 since 2010 for that region. For Upstate New York, the decline has been real since 2010. According to the latest figures from the Census Bureau the region that makes up Upstate New York has lost 59,648 since 2010.

It spurred the state’s first overall decline in population, according to the bureau, who notes that the decline in Upstate was too much to even be outweighed by the gains of Downstate New York.

There were only a small handful of counties in the state that saw an increase, and two of those were located in the Finger Lakes.

Both Tompkins and Ontario counties saw an increase in population. Monroe and Erie counties also saw increases in western parts of the state.

Interestingly though, Ontario County was only one of two in the state to experience ‘positive domestic migration’, which means they attracted more residents from the rest of the nation; including other counties in New York than they lost.

Tompkins County saw one of the largest increases since the 2010 reporting with a 3.23 percent increase in population. Ontario County saw an increase in overall population of 1.60 percent.

Here’s how the population change breaks down throughout the rest of the Finger Lakes since 2010:

Cayuga County: -2,142 or -2.68 percent
Chemung County: -2,520 or -2.84 percent
Cortland County: -1,215 or -2.46 percent
Monroe County: +3,325 or +0.45 percent
Onondaga County: -875 or -0.19 precent
Ontario County: +1,731 or 1.60 percent
Schuyler County: -242 or -1.32 percent
Seneca County: -467 or -1.32 percent
Steuben County: -2,052 or -2.07 percent
Tompkins County: +3,277 or +3.23 percent
Wayne County: -2,952 or -3.15 percent
Yates County: -428 or -1.69 percent

U.S. Census Bureau Figures

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