YOUR OPINION: Customers feeling ‘ripped off’ by Spectrum, TWC

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The issue of Spectrum, formerly known as Time Warner Cable Internet speeds has taken center stage.

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman alleges that Spectrum’s Time Warner Cable deliberately scammed customers by promising Internet speeds the company knew it couldn’t produce.

The lawsuit was filed against Charter Communications Inc. and its subsidiary Spectrum Management Holdings, which merged with Time Warner Cable last year, as reported by the Democrat & Chronicle.

In New York State, the company serves more than 2.5 million customers, which accounts for about one-third of all customers purchasing Internet service.

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We asked posed the question on our website and various social media platforms to see how customers were impacted here in the Finger Lakes.

The consensus was that speeds simply don’t live up to the price, or advertised value Spectrum, or Time Warner Cable promised.

One reader slammed the telecommunications conglomerate, pointing out the promise that never came to fruition. “Was told speeds would increase when the merger took place — NOPE!”

That reader, like many of those who gave us feedback during the informal session — revealed the low confidence consumers actually have in the massive corporation. Many called the companies actions dishonest.

One reader told us their story about paying extra for a larger package, which would allegedly help their network after adding a gaming console.

“It’s lagged every day since and when I call them I get the run around,” that reader continued.

Many readers were concerned about the ever-changing landscape of prices for Internet service with major providers like Spectrum.

The customer that was forced to pay extra for boosted service, to accommodate a gaming system, which didn’t even help — learned that she was paying $29 more per month for that service — compared to those who were signing up for a completely new service.

However, beyond looking at the packages, corporate actions, or speed — many readers took the opportunity to slam customer service, which has repeatedly ranked among the worst in the U.S.

Cable companies have historically been the worst at dealing with poor customer service ratings. Comcast and Time Warner Cable, prior to the merger, were repeatedly named as some of the worst providers of customer service.

In 2017, Internet service is hardly an optional feature for most families. While there are some who live happily without Internet access — it’s something that schools, businesses, and homes are deeply entangled — especially as devices, and homes get “smarter,” with connected devices doing more than ever.

For those living in rural regions, or even those places were service is less-available — competition is crucial. While readers were unhappy with the quality of service — they were even more unhappy with the lack of options.

At this point, if the service isn’t going to be as advertised — consumers want more options.

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