Re-elected Wayne Co. Chairman remarks on appointments, board direction

The Board of Supervisors held their Organizational Board Meeting on January 3rd. Once again, I was honored by my fellow Supervisors when they voted me their Chairman. My first term in this position was a learning experience and I feel I grew with the job. I’m looking forward to the coming year and continuing my service to the Board, our various departments and our county residents.

It’s the Chairman’s responsibility each year to appoint the Supervisors that will serve on our various standing committees. Each committee is typically a group of five (including a chairperson), chosen based on their individual background, strong suits and/or interests. Last year’s committees worked very well together, so with no new Supervisors coming onto the County Board in 2017 I saw no reason to reinvent the wheel. Therefore, at our Organizational Meeting the following Supervisors were named as chairpersons of their respective committees: Patti Marini (Walworth) Finance Committee, John Smith (Ontario) Public Safety Committee, Ken Miller (Palmyra) Public Works Committee, David Spickerman (Butler) Economic Development/Planning Committee, Laurie Crane (Huron) Government Operations Committee, Kenan Baldridge (Rose) Health and Medical Services Committee and Brian Manktelow (Lyons) Human Services Committee.

It was also decided at our Organizational Board Meeting to hold all of our Board meetings during the day, with the exception of our budget meeting (generally held at 7:00 p.m. the first Tuesday in December). The Board has been holding night meetings on a quarterly basis for the past several years with the hope of encouraging public participation; however, we found the opposite to be true. The Board understands that issues can always arise which may require a night meeting… in which case, we would be glad to do so as needed.

On January 4th, Sodus Point Mayor Chris Tertinek and WC Soil & Water Conservation District Director Lindsey Gerstenslager joined me in attending a meeting held in Orleans County. Several other lakefront county leaders attended this meeting to discuss a regional approach to dredging Lake Ontario’s inlets. Permitting, funding and executing such a large scale project will be quite a challenge. However, this long overdue dredging is essential if we are to ensure that our bays and waterways will continue to provide safe harbor and recreational opportunities. Meetings will continue as this issue progresses.

On January 12th, I attended a meeting entitled “Economic Development 101”. Hosted by our WC Economic Development and Planning Department, the event was held at the new BOCES Conference Center in Newark. Several other Supervisors attended the meeting as well. This forum offered a great opportunity for us to meet with other community leaders and listen to some very informative speakers as we seek to remain competitive in the marketplace and ensure the viable economic future of Wayne County.

On January 13th, Supervisor Brian Manktelow joined me in attending a meeting at the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority. Since WATS is a division of the Authority, we responded to the invitation and joined with leaders from surrounding counties with the hope of learning new ways that we can possibly improve our public transportation services.

I sincerely look forward to working with the Board of Supervisors, County employees and the public in 2017. Please remember my door is always open and I appreciate your comments and suggestion on any issue.

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