Seneca Co. Supervisors say ‘YES’ to allowing more speakers

None of the issues discussed or heard by the Seneca County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday were truly new topics.

One speaker, John Dendis, let the board know that he did not appreciate the mud or debris that line State Route 414 along the Seneca Meadows Landfill.

He also expressed his concern around what he described as issues beyond the surface. “If they’re not doing things right at the surface, then what else is going wrong,” he asked.

Dendis said that he smelled the landfill a few times a year before the last two years came around. “This is a quality of life issue — not a landfill issue,” he continued asking for Seneca County to do something about the smell coming from the landfill.

His suggestion: “If the smell gets too excessive, close the gates. When they get the smell under control they can re-open.”

Dendis spoke about two crucial issues that have been made relevant in recent months. Before he addressed the board about Seneca Meadows, he spoke about the prospect of the board entertaining a motion to introduce privilege of the floor.

That motion, which would allow Seneca County residents to have 5 minutes to speak at the end of any regular board meeting — was overwhelmingly passed — but not unanimously. Supervisors Lee Davidson and Mike Reynolds both voted against the measure, despite it’s overwhelming passing. During discussion they did not say why they voted against it.

Seneca Falls Supervisor Greg Lazzaro said that there should be some discretion or rules associated with the move. “I believe it could be a good [motion]” he said, pointing out before the vote even took place that he would vote for it.

Junius Supervisor Greg Wadhams reaffirmed his support for the measure, pointing out that he hadn’t ever seen anyone abuse the privilege. “Until we have a problem we should go with it,” he explained.

Fayette Supervisor Cindy Garlick-Lorenzetti, who introduced the motion, said that the move was one about transparency, and giving voters the right to speak about the issues the board discusses.

Privilege of the floor will be a part of the agenda moving forward for all regularly scheduled meetings of the board of supervisors.

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