Seneca Falls Town Board to vote on Local Law No. 3 on Tuesday (read both here)

For those who have been following the action in Seneca Falls around the adoption of proposed legislation, which would limit future solid waste disposal facilities – as well as current facilities – Tuesday’s meeting of the Seneca Falls Town Board will be a testament to the process.

It’s been long, challenged, and filled with discussion and debate over the future of Seneca Falls. A future that will be spent dealing with side-effects of adopting, or not adopting, a local law.

Adopting the proposed Local Law No. 3 would mean a limit on municipal solid waste facilities in Seneca Falls. It would also close force Seneca Meadows to close by December 31, 2025.

According to landfilling opponents, failing to adopt a local law like the one posed this time around puts Seneca Falls in a vulnerable position in the long-term.

Local Law No. 3 of 2016 succeeded the hotly-contested Local Law No. 7. Opponents of the municipal solid waste disposal legislation say that passing such legislation “Sends the message that Seneca Falls is not open for business.”

Read both local laws below, and check out complete coverage of Tuesday’s Seneca Falls Town Board meeting (including video) tonight:

Read Local Law No. 3 here

Read former-Local Law No. 7 here

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