Inside the FLX: Charlie Evangelista on the Geneva YMCA & issues facing Ontario County

Charlie Evangelista, who serves on the Ontario County Board of Supervisors represents the City of Geneva. The city has two representatives on that board, which he said on Thursday is moving in the right direction.

He is passionate about the community he serves, and it’s evident in his work as the Executive Director of the Geneva YMCA. He was a guest on Thursday’s edition of the Inside the FLX podcast, which gave him an opportunity to update the region on the work taking place at that Geneva YMCA.

“It’s about communicating to the community that we offer more than just a swimming pool,” he explained talking about that mission to engage young people in the community. Evangelista talked about some of the programs that the Geneva YMCA offers for those of all ages, but also pointed out that a lot of good goes into the efforts to connect young people from all types of economic backgrounds in programs.

“We’re really trying to get kids active, with childhood obesity being such a problem,” Evangelista continued. He talked about how people often think about students who participate in sports, and automatically assume that a vast majority of kids don’t struggle with their physical well-being. However, their programs at the Geneva YMCA are evidence of a struggle that crosses socioeconomic boundaries.

“We try to offer assistance to those who truly need it,” he explained. The YMCA offers a variety of programs at their facility in Geneva, which can be tailed to varying backgrounds.

It’s not just young people getting involved with the YMCA’s offerings. Evangelista says that one of the fastest-growing segments of their users is the 65+ category. “We have 80- and 90-year-olds who use our facilities, and for many of them there is a social aspect to the Y[MCA] that connects them with others if they’ve lost a loved one, or partner.”

When asked about his time running for New York State Senate — Evangelista seemed at peace with the way things had played out. As for the election of Donald Trump — he said that he was surprised by the outcome. However, he was skeptical about the kind of president Trump would be. “Ten years ago he was making donations to the Clinton campaign,” he said. “If someone else thinks they know what Mr. Trump is about, then they’re a better man than I,” he concluded.

He believes that when it comes to the 54th District it goes beyond Democratic or Republican politics. Evangelista said that he thinks the real movement can be made, and will be made in whether Upstate New York interests are identified and tackled.

Evangelista also expressed his concern around the areas landfills. “Our region has it’s fair share. It’s time to get out of the landfilling business.”

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