Public Hearing on Local Law No. 3 set to go on Wednesday at 6 pm in Seneca Falls

It’s finally happening.

There have been no cancellations, re-scheduling efforts, or any other changes to the scheduled Public Hearing in Seneca Falls on proposed Local Law No. 3 of 2016.

That law closely mirrors the previously-debated Local Law No. 7, which had been scheduled for a public hearing twice before being cancelled.

There won’t be any time limit on speakers. There will be no constraints for who would like to speak at the public meeting. However, the board is asking that those who plan on speaking sign a sign-in sheet so they know who to call.

The turnout is expected to be extensive for the hearing, which will begin promptly at 6 pm.

The most-recent proposed version of the local law, which would prevent future solid waste facilities and place a definitive closing date on Seneca Meadows has seen little debate since the resolution was introduced to hold a public hearing.

December 31st, 2025 would be the last day that Seneca Meadows could continue operating under this local law. A local law is much more difficult to overturn, once enacted by a board. Supporters of the proposed legislation, hope that the board will vote on the matter immediately following the public hearing.

It’s unclear if an immediate vote will take place.

The volume of speakers and those present is expected to be significant.

Major concerns around the original local law involve the loss of jobs from the Seneca Meadows facility, which remains one of the larger employers in Seneca County. At previous meetings where the previous legislation was subject of debate, Seneca Meadows saw significant turnout in form of employees — who were frequently dressed in safety yellow as a sign of solidarity.

Supporters of the new local law say that the revised legislation protects those jobs, as well as the facility until they have used up their current airspace. Seneca Meadows has said on numerous occasions that they only want to avoid a premature closure. The previously proposed local law posed a risk to their ability to continue operating beyond the expiration of the October 2017 permit.

It’s also unclear whether the same concerns will be raised with the debate of this new local law.

“Seneca Falls is a town full of smart people dedicated to making our community the best that it can be,” Mary Sarratori, outgoing Seneca Falls Town Council member said of her expectations for Wednesday’s hearing. “I hope that we hear constructive dialogue with regards to Local Law No. 3 that can help move Seneca Falls forward,” she said on Tuesday.

All members of the board will be present at Wednesday’s Public Hearing on the proposed Local Law No. 3.

FingerLakes1.com will have complete footage of the public hearing. Check for that early-Thursday morning right here.

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