VIDEO: Seneca Supervisors discuss budgets, sales tax sharing, and long-term costs

The setting was the historic Papa Bear Building in Ovid, which was the first topic of conversation at Tuesday’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Seneca County Supervisors.

Phyllis Motill made an emotional plea with the board, asking for long-promised assistance to the Friend’s of the Three Bears, who have been working for the last fourteen years to restore the three buildings to their historic luster.

She also made an emotional plea to the board to begin treating the southern portion of the county with the respect it deserves. Motill’s point was emphasized by highlighting the need for more health-related services to the southern half of Seneca County.

Deputy Mayor Dave Duprey spoke to the board about sales tax sharing, which has been discussed throughout the year. He pointed out that the communities throughout the county have worked to build the overall success of Seneca County.

Duprey said that he didn’t want to see a sharing plan, which would grant more money to those communities with greater population. He proposed an equal split, of 50 percent of any new sales tax revenue for Seneca County.

Sewer districts in Seneca County were also discussed at Tuesday’s meeting.

Sewer District #1 will likely require a rate increase of 43 percent, according to County Manager John Sheppard. He pointed out that additional $113,000 of additional revenue will need to be found. Sheppard pointed out that the likely method of compensating for this need for additional revenue would come through a rate increase.

Sheppard also discussed the sales tax sharing plan during his remarks to the board. He pointed out that the County could do much more together without merely handing out 20-30 thousand dollars, like some supervisors have suggested.

The board also set a date for a budget workshop, which will be held Saturday, October 22nd at 9 am. The public will be invited and will give members of the board of supervisors the opportunity to discuss the budget more carefully, asking questions of concern before the public hearing.

A public hearing is scheduled for the budget on November 1st at 6 pm at the Seneca County Office Building located at 1 DiPronio Drive.

FingerLakes1.com will have video of the meeting in the coming hours.

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