As I Was Saying: Deep cleaning today saves loved ones stress tomorrow

Have you ever walked into your home and realized the clutter that has accumulated throughout the years? “Where do I begin?” I had always thought to myself. The thought of starting this great big task becomes overwhelming so, you set it aside again and again for an opportunity to accumulate more clutter. Until it got to the point that I needed a dumpster rental service, as it could no longer hold all this mess in a box or plastic bag.

I am no different! I found I had a hard time getting rid of things because of attachment issues and finding an excuse of why I could not do this task.

Finally, I decided to take the plunge and get a dumpster from Alpco Recycling after talking to someone who had done the same after a parent passed. They needed to clean house in order to sell it. They told me that they wished it had been done earlier because it wasn’t a difficult task; once it was started.

Recently, I woke up and decided, today is the day to call Alpco Recycling! I was surprised how reasonable it was to rent. The dispatcher was friendly, knowledgeable, and made sure the customer’s needs are met.

The next thing I knew, the dumpster was delivered in my driveway. It was time to “walk the walk.”
I went through every closet, each room, the basement and garage – purging the unnecessary items. It was truly a daunting, and time consuming task.

A separate pile for the donations so I could do my part to help local charities, and days of labor. It took me two-and-a-half weeks to complete the task, but the job got done!

It was painless because once the dumpster is in your driveway – there is no excuse not to get the job done. There were times when I found neighbor(s) or friend(s) taking advantage of the items that no longer met my needs. That’s the great thing about the process.

Remember the old saying: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?

Well, it happened to us and we couldn’t help but laugh throughout the process. The great thing about doing something like this isn’t just the good feeling when the task is complete. It’s the great memories, and sense of pride you have as others benefit from your spring (or late-summer) cleaning.

There were items that could have been tossed – but for sentimental reasons had to remain. Everyone has those items. That is one of the best feelings. Reminding yourself of all the great memories and times you have accumulated over the years.

As I look now at my clutter free home; my husband and I cannot help but think about the benefit of regular and meaningful cleaning sessions like this one.

My message here is simple: Don’t leave your home for a relative or child to clean out. I am here to tell you that getting a dumpster is a painless and rewarding process. As you march in- and out- of the dumpster think “I am purging my home of clutter to save my family the struggle tomorrow.”

Don’t be afraid to take the first step – and to initiate a truly rewarding journey.

Marie Cramer is a resident of Macedon and former Mayor of the Village she calls home. Her “As I was Saying” is a monthly column, which is featured on the last Friday of every month.

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