Geneva City Council fails to adopt Comprehensive Plan

Last week on Inside the FLX, Geneva City Manager Matt Horn and Neighborhood Initiatives Director Sage Gerling outlined Geneva’s Comprehensive Plan, which was set for adoption at Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

On Wednesday, that $90,000 plan failed to reach adoption.

According to Geneva’s at-large City Councilor Mark Gramling the bump in the road was merely due to environmental concerns raised by 4th Ward Councilor Ken Camera. While the concerns he raised related to environmental clarity within the plan, Gramling said he remains optimistic that the plan will be back up for adoption in September.

Gerling pointed out on Inside the FLX that the comprehensive plan had undergone multiple changes throughout the writing process. While the plan has taken about two years in all to get to this point, from when it was first discussed – the plan focuses on addressing issues within Geneva.

Job creation, matching long-term vision, and dealing with the personal economic issues within a community like Geneva were all priorities. It came down to delivering a positive environment for businesses and growth, while also dealing with the socio-economic challenges that exist in a city as diverse as Geneva.

Horn told FingerLakes1.com on Thursday, “It’s a major policy document, so I welcome and encourage any final scrutiny.” His open-minded approach to the City Manager’s position has been something that has made his tenure overwhelmingly successful. Both Horn and Gerling talked about the impact that working with the community has on their ability to come up with strategies that work for everyone living in Geneva.

Horn said he believes the City Council will be back on track for adoption of the plan by September’s regularly scheduled meeting. The next City Council meeting is scheduled for September 7, at 7:00 pm.

Check out Horn and Gerling’s appearance on Inside the FLX, where the pair discuss Geneva’s Comprehensive Plan and the creation process.

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