Opinion: Candidates for 54th give region hope

In May, there were over a dozen potential GOP candidates. A dozen potentials who could have canvassed the district sharing conservative values and energizing likeminded constituents. But, before the first petition was signed, a preemptive winnowing occurred by issuing a GOP endorsement. “It’ll take $2M to run…”, “That county has no chance…”, “He can’t run if not endorsed…”; I heard them all.Only now, after the submission of petitions, are there candidates. I am thankful six candidates weathered the storm and offer the 54th a choice. And now it is the constituent’s turn to endorse by voting in the primary on Sep 13th. Who best represents conservative values not merely presumptuously or by rhetoric but through deed? Who truly has the character, fortitude, stamina and presence to not only represent but persuade and legislate to our interests? Ethics reform, economic development, SAFE Act, unfunded mandates, oppressive regulations, energy reform, education reform, substance abuse, mental health, environmental concerns, etc.; we all know the list. Let’s choose wisely.John SheppardWaterloo, NY

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