Seneca Falls Town Board holds meeting (video)

On Tuesday, the Seneca Falls Town Board met for their regularly scheduled meeting for the month of July. There weren’t dozens of individuals on the agenda to speak. There weren’t hundreds — or even a hundred in attendance. And multiple speakers who did address the board — talked about things pertaining to issues beyond Seneca Meadows or the proposed Local Law #7.Several petitioners spoke to the importance of the Town acting on behalf of the residents, but also taking action on economic development, which has been a major concern for those residing in Seneca Falls. One speaker pointed out that heavy reliance on revenue from the Seneca Meadows Landfill played a major role in creating the current situation.”My concern is that Seneca Falls is too reliant on revenue from Seneca Meadows,” explained Neil Teague. “We need to do something about that. The Town is in a terribly precarious position,” he continued. He expressed sympathy towards Seneca Meadows, who he estimated is getting a bad rap given their efforts combating odors in the area. “Let’s do something!” he commanded to those in attendance.Teague concluded that while the planning, which has been done before on the economic development front is a positive — it does little if no action is taken.Kent Gardner of the Center for Government Research spoke about the impact that would be felt on property tax owners if Seneca Meadows ceased operating. “Losing the revenue from Seneca Meadows would have a significant impact on property taxes,” he explained. He cited budget figures, comparing what the Town of Seneca Falls receives in revenues from Seneca Meadows to the entire budget, which accounts for a sizable percentage. He explained that the Center for Government Research was tasked with determining what impact the entire $2.7 million sum that was received by Seneca Falls in direct payments and other revenues derived from the Seneca Meadows operation would have on property taxes. For the average home in Seneca Falls, Gardner explained that their analysis showed that taxes would nearly double on the average home valued at around $95,000. He said that it would be an increase from $5.24 per $1,000 to $11.25 per $1,000 in the Town of Seneca Falls.Another major project was addressed by Luke Morenus of Barton and Loguidice who gave an update on the Safe Routes to School project, where several new sidewalks are planning to be installed surrounding Elizabeth Cady Staton School on Garden Street. The streets that will receive updated and upgraded sidewalks are Garden, Chapin, Spring, and Meadow Streets — all a part of the Safe Routes project. Morenus explained that this project was possible due to a grant, which was received in 2014 for this purpose. In addition to new sidewalks — crosswalks will be enhanced, as well as adding additional signage and speed controllers — to let drivers know if they are traveling too quickly through the heavily walked area.A variety of other issues, as well as new business was discussed in Tuesday’s meeting. The Board did go into executive session at the end of new business to discuss possible litigation, but no action was taken. Check out the entire meeting in the video player above.

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