Two Genevans doing great things in Ghana

Beginning with the next Geneva Night Out on Friday, July 1st, the Microclimate Wine Bar on Linden Street will be exhibiting an extraordinary collection of photographs by Gary Ventura of Geneva, who captures a view from Ghana. Microclimate owner, James Elkin, invites you to see the collection and, “Look deep into these photos, for their subjects do not remain still. They are full of life; a life Jasmine Staff is working to make better with the efforts of her non-profit organization, Change the World of One, Inc.” Last September, Ventura accompanied Staff, also from Geneva, when she returned to the small village of Asiri in Ghana, West Africa. It was in that village where she spent three years working in the Peace Corps. Staff says the people ‘stole her heart’ and she was determined to return to help improve their way of life. Matt Giordano of Rochester, project manager, made the trip as well to lay the groundwork for the Empowerment Academy, the first project Staff wants to complete there. The Empowerment Academy will be a joint technical school and orphanage, which Staff and Change the World of One, Inc. will oversee once sufficient funds have been raised. Staff says she included Ventura to capture what life is like in a small Ghanaian village, where the men often hunt for their family’s dinner, women hand wash any clothing they own in a bowl and children often sleep on the floor of their home, a ‘Mud Hut’. . The exhibition, TRANSFIXED, “transports you into the hearts and minds of people living in rural Ghana, West Africa.”, says Staff. The exhibition will remain at Microclimate until the end of then month; all photos will be available for sale. The proceeds go directly to the creation of the Empowerment Academy in Asiri, Ghana. For more information, contact Jasmine Staff at 772-453-6513.

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