Inside the FLX: Helming talks for 54th Senate seat

On Tuesday’s episode of Inside the FLX, Canandaigua Supervisor Pam Helming joined Josh Durso to discuss a variety of issues related to her race for the 54th Senate District. She also discussed her 16 years in politics, as she moved from committee, to planning board, to Canandaigua Town Board – before taking on the role of Canandaigua Town Supervisor. Helming’s approach to politics is substance over flare. She has a genuine belief that change is necessary to create a sustainable future for the Finger Lakes Region. It’s something Helming has focused on in her time as supervisor. It also is something she takes very seriously in her race for the 54th Senate District.Taxes and transparency are two focal points of her campaign. Helming believes that keeping taxes low and affordable for families is a crucial part of making the Finger Lakes and Upstate New York – a place where people want to live, work and raise a family.Her perspective on reform at the state level to weed out corruption spans far beyond the traditional reaches of policy. While she believes policy can be part of the solution, Helming also talked about the need for greater involvement at all levels. In Canandaigua she helped make citizen advisory groups an active part of the political process. Something she believes drives that positive message in politics. Helming talked about the unity that can be created through advisory boards, where members of the community aren’t just being spoken to – but rather are a part of the political process.Getting more people involved in the political process was one of the driving factors behind her decision to run for the 54th Senate District. The major items, like dealing with corruption in Albany, the heroin epidemic, environmental concerns, and bills like Brittany’s Law – are major driving forces behind her desire to serve the Finger Lakes.Helming also touched on the landfilling debate during her time on Inside the FLX. “We have more than our fair share of landfills,” she explained. Helming also has an interesting background, spending over nine years in the waste industry as an environmental auditor. She audited landfills, waste transportation companies, and recycling centers over those nine years. Helming has also presented at two heroin forums, where she has gotten some first hand experience understanding the issue as a whole. She expressed her own surprise as she learned that the heroin epidemic has far-reaching impacts. A number of important issues were addressed and Helming says she is prepared to represent the 54th Senate District, if she is elected by the people of this region.Editor’s Note: Multiple candidates for New York State Senate District 54 will be appearing on Inside the FLX in the coming weeks, leading into this election season. Stay tuned to FingerLakes1.com and connect with us on Facebook to find out when each candidate will be appearing.Check out the full-interview in the video window above, and subscribe to the FingerLakes1.com YouTube channel to have the latest podcasts delivered to your inbox.

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