Seneca Falls Little League week #6 report

Seneca Falls Little League game update for week #6 and games played between 5/29 and 6/4/2016 as reported by managers of Major and Minor Divisions Baseball and Softball…************************Division: Boys Minor League BaseballDate of Game: 6/1/16Time of Game: 6pmScore: 11 Stevers’ Garage Vs. 17 It’s a Wonderful Run 5K************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 6/1/16Time of Game: 600Score: 13 BonaDent Dental Lab Vs. 11 Generations Bank************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 5/31/16Time of Game: 600Score: 15 Waterloo Lion’s Club Vs. 13 BonaDent Dental Lab************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 6.2.16Time of Game: 6Score: 11 FL Concrete & Masonry Vs. 1 Waterloo Sportsman’s ClubWinning Team Highlights:Nick Jones ripped 3 hits including a double and Mike Kaufman scored 3 runs to lead the offense. The solid pitching and defense by many also highlighted the win.Other Team Highlights:Brock Poormon singled and scored for the Waterloo Sportsman’s Club.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 6.4.16Time of Game: 10:30amScore: 8 FL Concrete & Masonry Vs. 7 FL Christian FellowshipWinning Team Highlights:Nick Jones threw 13 strike outs and Ben Jessop added one to hold off a strong rally. Finian Dougherty had 3 RBIs on two hits and Nick Jones had two doubles. Ben Jessop also scored three times while going 3 for 3 including a triple .Other Team Highlights:Jared King had three hits including 2 doubles.************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: June 3,2016Time of Game: 6:00Score: 16 Waterloo Lion’s Club Vs. 20 BonaDent Dental Lab************************Division: Boys Minor League BaseballDate of Game: 6/3/16Time of Game: 5:30Score: 14 Stevers’ Garage Vs. 13 Seneca Falls PBAWinning Team Highlights:Lucas Stevers,Brad Kurtz,Jack Anderson and Pete Van Eachute ledThe offense with 3 hits each.Nick Virgo got the win on the mound.Other Team Highlights:Liam Tanner,Nick Quill and Tristan Cormack led the offense for SFPBA.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 6/4/16Time of Game: 7:30pmScore: 12 Ciccino’s Pizzeria Vs. 5 Penny’s PlaceWinning Team Highlights:Kody Kurtz smashed 2 home runs and a ground rule double while collecting 7 RBI’s. Steven Dunn had a strong day at the plate with 2 doubles and a triple. Willl Korzeniewski scored 2 runs on 2 hits. Blake Petrocci added a hit and scored 3 times for Ciccino’s Pizzeria. Other Team Highlights:Carson Hay-Snyder struck out 3 batters in a strong pitching performance. Garret Mueller had a triple and a single while picking up 3 RBI’s for Penny’s Place. ************************

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