Tarjac employees support Seneca Meadows

Last week, Tarjac Inc. employees sent out a series of letters opposing Local Law #7 to locally elected officials, board members, as well as the media. The letter read:Dear Board Members and Elected Officials: As an employee of Tarjac Inc, I want to express my concern with Local Law #7.I believe that Local Law #7 is jeopardizing my job and my ability to live in the community I call home. I believe Local Law #7 is anti-business and will cause my employer to take action that could cost me my job.Our business has gone through ups and downs over the past few years and we work hard every day to make Tarjac more competitive. We fight competitors from around the world.The fact that Tarjac’s taxes could increase to the point where the owners have to reduce the workforce or even worse — move is a scary thought. I don’t want you making decision that make it tougher to stay employed and live in the area. I want you to help make it easier for me to find a better job. Although tourism is good for the area, the hourly rate paid to service workers is less than manufacturing workers. I can’t afford to live in a place where my pay will go down and my taxes will go up. I am asking for your help.I work directly across the street from Seneca Meadows. I have for years. In reality, I don’t look at Seneca Meadows any different than Walmart or McDonalds — just another business on Route 414. It does not bother me.Please consider this potential legislation carefully and act in the best interest of the entire community. I am asking you NOT to support Local Law #7. Thank you for your consideration and your time.Tarjac Inc.

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