As I Was Saying: The loss of two Macedon residents

The Village of Macedon lost two special residents – just one month apart from each other.The first was Private First Class Joseph Williams, most knew him as simply “Joe.”He was known by many in Macedon. He was the one who no matter his own struggles – always had a smile on his face. Once a friend, he would fiercely protect and let you know that everything would be O-K. If you were sad, he was too, but would always make sure you left with a smile on your face and heart.Joe was special for many reasons. He served in the United States Army, was a resident of the Bickford Home, which is a home for Veterans, and he would walk Main Street day and night – never bothering anyone, only making each day better for those living in Macedon. He was like the Village of Macedon Volunteer police. He was polite, had a great smile, and meant it when he asked people how they were doing. I can still remember seeing him wave from across the street and yell “Hello Mayor Cramer,” as I approached Village Hall.He had gone through a lot serving in the war, but one thing he never lost was his kindness and his faith in God. He reminded us that kindness is contagious as long as you want it in your heart and life.The second was Gloria Butterworth Stevens. Some knew her as Gloria and others as “Buttercup.” She was the best kept secret in the Village of Macedon. I had the honor of meeting her six years ago and instantly we had a mutual respect and admiration for each other. Though I did not get to see her often, she was the type of friend you could always count on. Gloria had great knowledge of classic American cars from the 1960s and 1970s. She loved to decorate for holidays and held an amateur radio license. Gloria was a traveler and knew the meaning of friendship and lived by the meaning.Gloria loved the Village of Macedon and saw the true value that it brought to the residents. She was a strong supporter of the DPW staff and saw what was required of them. She told the truth – but most-importantly she told you what you needed to hear. In Macedon, there was a great deal of respect for Gloria.If I had to guess – I would say that neither had any regrets in life because they lived for the moment, and never missed an opportunity to spend time with others. They spoke their minds, but were both immensely respected. Macedon lost two residents that will be hard to replace in spirit or love for others.Life makes it difficult sometimes, but my message is always to embrace the moment, be kind and let those who matter the most – know how you feel.Unfortunately, I waited until life became more manageable to spend time with these two precious individuals. I lost that opportunity. However, I am grateful that they were in my life and now I can honor their life’s work.After assessing my own life since leaving public office – I have re-learned the importance of appreciating the little things. Taking more time to smell the flowers, and enjoying time spent with family and friends who are around every day.Marie Cramer is a resident of Macedon and former Mayor of the Village she calls home. Her “As I was Saying” is a monthly column, which is featured on the last Friday of every month.

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