Editorial: Business owner supports Seneca Meadows

To Whom It May Concern:My name is Patrick Malcuria, business owner in the Town of Waterloo, former Town of Geneva Board member, and resident of Geneva. I am writing to all of you to express my support of Seneca Meadows and fight for a neighbor that none of us can afford to lose.This letter is not about friendships or payoffs; this is a letter about a local business that has contributed not just money and material things to this and its surrounding communities but has created countless jobs for our residents. If not for these local jobs, there would be millions and millions of dollars lost in spending within our local economy. These are the people that spend their hard earned money in local stores! These are the people that support our businesses in our already depressed areas.Seneca Meadows has been a community asset and a business that has been very generous to the local cities and towns that it surrounds. Let’s stop for a minute and think about all the positives that this company has. Let’s think about a company that listens and cares about its neighbor’s feelings and welfare. This is the same PRIVATE company that just forgave a $3+ billion contract because it listened to our community leaders and residents! Do you folks have a concept of what $3+ billion is? Let me ask any of you if you can name any other company in the world that has forfeited this kind of money! I think not. Most businesses are in business to make money – not turn it away.Let’s all face it: Seneca Meadows is a well-run company that abides by all laws and goes above and beyond to protect the environment and its local communities. They have an impeccable record! They are a great asset to all of our surrounding communities. There will always be a need to have a company accept trash so let’s stop fighting them and let us return the “GOOD NEIGHBOR” policy that they have extended to us! Warmest Regards- Patrick MalcuriaSunset BowlMalcuria Properties LLC.Malvol CorporationEditor’s Note: FingerLakes1.com received this letter from a reader on Thursday. Editorials can be sent to [email protected] for consideration, and should be less than 600 words in length.

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