Committee meetings now public in Seneca Falls

The Seneca Falls Town Board assembled on Wednesday to discuss the future of committee meetings. The goal was initially to hold committee meetings, but after consideration within the board – it was decided that they would setup regular dates and times for the individual committees to meet. The concept behind the change, was to make committee meetings open to the public and to increase dialogue within the board.Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro said he was also hopeful that “more full resolutions” could reach the full-board for regularly monthly meetings.There was some debate on the future of the Waste Management Advisory Board, as well as the Solid Waste board, which could undergo some structural changes as the board works to better serve the committee members and community.Specifics were not available at the time of the meeting. Members of the board were going to look into the codes, and potentially seek legal advice with how to proceed moving forward.Dates of public committee meetings were assigned as follows:Economic Development (LDC) will meet on the last Thursday of every month – at 6 pm. The meetings take place at Generations Bank in Seneca Falls.Recreation will meet on the last Monday of every month – at 8 am. The committee will meet at the Seneca Falls Community Center.Sewer/Water will meet on the last Friday of every month – at 10 am. The location has yet to be decided.Waste Management Advisory Board will meet on the second Monday of every month – at 4:30 pm. The location has yet to be decided.Public Safety will meet on the third Monday of every month – at 4 pm. The meetings will be held at the Seneca Falls Police Station.The Assessment, Highway/Public Works, Personnel, Website, Bridgeport Sewer District, and Court committees will meet as needed throughout the year – with evolving dates, times, and locations. The Board said that a couple could develop permanent dates in the coming weeks – but none present could give concrete availability for these. Committee assignments were setup as follows:Assessment: Greg Lazzaro (Chair) and Annette Lutz.Economic Development (LDC): Greg Lazzaro and David DeLelys.Highway/Public Works: Mary Sarratori (Chair) and Vic Porretta.Recreation: Annette Lutz (Chair) and Mary Sarratori.Sewer/Water: Greg Lazzaro (Chair) and Annette Lutz. Waste Management Advisory Board: Greg Lazzaro (Chair), Mary Saratorri, Dave Clark, Barb Reese, and Karl Elliot.Editor’s Note: There was some discussion about how many board members could participate on this committee. The board agreed to look into this matter more – and come up with a revised solution before the next meeting.Personnel: David DeLelys (Chair) and Annette Lutz.Website: David DeLelys (Chair) and Greg Lazzaro.Bridgeport Sewer District: Mary Sarratori (Chair), Joseph Peone, Robert Krochalis, Richard Laude, and John Stapleton.Public Safety: Vic Porretta (Chair) and David DeLelys.Court: Greg Lazzaro (Chair) and Vic Porretta.Solid Waste: Mary Sarratori (Chair) and David DeLelys.

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