FLX counties lose population in latest Census estimates

Another year, another Census report showing that the Finger Lakes is losing population faster than it’s gaining.80 percent of the counties in the Finger Lakes region saw losses in population since 2010. The latest figures showed that Tompkins and Ontario counties were the only two in the region to gain in population.Seneca, Cayuga, Wayne, Yates, Steuben, and Schuyler counties all saw losses of at least 1.2 percent. The hardest hit counties in the most-recent survey were Wayne and Cayuga counties, losing 2.5 percent and 2.2 percent respectively in their overall population.The county-by-county breakdown of the latest Census data:Seneca County had a population of 35,251 in 2010. Last year, it was estimated that the county had lost just 1 percent of its overall population. However, the latest estimates reveal an uptick from last years figures. A net loss of 1.2 percent, or 418 people.Cayuga County saw one of the biggest plunges in overall population in the last five years, according to the latest estimates. Nearly 2.2 percent of the population in Cayuga County packed their bags and headed elsewhere. The 2010 population of 80,026 was reduced to 78,288 creating a net loss of 1,738 people.Wayne County saw the most-significant reduction in population in the last five years. The county saw 2.5 percent walk away — bringing the overall population down 2,326 people. Today just 91,446 people call Wayne County home.Ontario County was one of the few in the region that saw an increase in overall population. The county saw an increase of 1,630 people in the last five years, which brings the latest estimate up to 93,772 from 91,446.Yates County has one of the lowest populations in the entire region, and while the county saw just a little more than 300 leave — the overall estimate remains just north of 25,000 residents.Tompkins County saw a significant increase in population in the last five years. Largely due to Ithaca and the City’s ability to continue pulling in more people with a focus on technology — many of the smaller communities in Tompkins County benefited from the expansion. More than 3,300 people have come to Tompkins County in the last five years, according to the latest Census data.Other data points from the latest Census report:– All above mentioned counties saw the percentage of residents 65 or older grow in the most-recent Census estimates by nearly 2 percent on average. – Meanwhile, the number of individuals 18 and younger is shrinking in all of the above mentioned counties. On average the drop was right around 1 percent for those living in the region, who were 18-years-old or younger.- Minority population is growing at a slower rate than the state and national averages. – Workforce participation is also steady between 56 and 58 percent throughout the region.FingerLakes1.com will have more on the latest Census data in the coming days.

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