Inside the FLX: Incoming W’loo Superintendent Terri Bavis

On Tuesday, the incoming Waterloo Central School District Superintendent joined Josh Durso in-studio to discuss education, her career, as well as her time spent at Waterloo since accepting the job of superintendent. While it’s only been a few weeks, she says that her welcome has been overwhelmingly positive. From the way administrators, faculty, and the community has welcomed her – to the great first impression she received from the facilities in Waterloo, her experience has gotten off to a fantastic start.Terri Bavis started out as a teacher, with roots in rural communities – even growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania. She said, “Waterloo felt like home,” when the cameras stopped rolling. When asked about some of the driving forces that made her choose Waterloo – she spoke to the welcome she received, but also the nature of the small community – where she could attend church, a softball or baseball game, or just take a walk downtown and feel like she is at home. Speaking to the job that she will soon assume on July 1st, Bavis spoke to the great transition that current administration in Waterloo has established. She spoke to the great relationship she has with those who are currently employed by the district, and how important people are in the overall process.When asked about what she felt were her greatest assets in any administrative role, she spoke to the quality of individuals employed. She explained that it’s important to surround yourself with the right people – ensuring that they are empowered, but also taking pride in the work that’s being done. Bavis explained that it’s about doing the right things for the students. It means delivering the right education, and balancing it with the right extra-curricular activities that keep kids engaged and interested throughout the process. Check out the entire interview on this week’s edition of Inside the FLX.

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