Waterloo Town Board discusses water project (video)

On Monday the Waterloo Town Board met to discuss expanding municipal water service once again. In addition to the regularly scheduled meeting, an information meeting was set for 6:30 pm, which outlined the details of the project — and was led by MRB Group, a Rochester-based engineering and architecture company.The specific expansion, which was highlighted by the presenters was the section of State Route 96 between Mills Road and Brewer Road. Expanding water service in the Town of Waterloo has been commonplace over the last several years. The project will cost the town roughly $50,000 less if the work is done with municipal forces, rather than utilizing an independent contractor. A few residents within the proposed zone voiced concerns, such as where water hookups would be available — and how much it would cost, if residents were forced to bore under the road. Fortunately for them, Westfall pointed out that most of the costs to taxpayers had been considered. The only major cost for the residents would be if a home was further than 150 feet from the road, which would require a meter pit — $650 for the individual user to pay. Waterloo Town Supervisor Gary Westfall noted that by the end of this year — he hopes that this particular water project is done. He continued, “We’re hoping everyone will be happy when all is said and done.”Westfall said that he hoped by May or June — a public hearing could be held on the project, which would be the final hurdle. The work itself, Westfall said, would take no more than a few weeks. Check out the presentation on municipal water expansion in Waterloo in the video above.In addition, there were two resolutions filed with the State Environmental Quality Review Act tag, which both focus on the Cayuga-Seneca Canal Trail Project. The first resolution ensured that the Town would be the lead agency as it pertained to the final leg of the project — connecting the trail from State Route 96A to the Seneca Lake State Park — and also to make a determination on what the environmental significance of the trail project would be.In addition, two other subjects were discussed. The multi-town water project, as well as establishing a reserve account for the Town of Waterloo. All resolutions passed unanimously during the regular session, except for two items — which were tabled until further discussion could be had. Westfall advised that more time be taken to evaluate a housing block grant and a planning grant. Check out the regularly scheduled town board meeting in the video above.

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