South Seneca Central School District Superintendent Zielinski on Inside the FLX

On March 8th voters in the South Seneca Central School District decided to vote ‘yes’ to a series of upgrades, which were lumped into a capital project. The project is a $4.6 million undertaking, which saw an overwhelming number of residents vote yes.The results were 341-135 in favor of the upgrades, which would bring significant improvement to the athletic facilities in the district at no cost to the taxpayers. The project qualified for a large chunk of aid, which meant that only a very small percentage would have to be covered by the district. They utilized capital reserves to cover the remaining amount, which totaled $435,000. On Tuesday, South Seneca Central School District Superintendent Stephen Parker Zielinski joined Josh Durso on Inside the FLX to discuss the improvements, the project, and some of the things going on in his district. He highlighted some of the improvements, which would be coming to South Seneca students as result of this capital project. They included:- An all-weather eight-lane track.- A brand new multi-sport and physical education grass, which would be fitted within the track.- More off-street parking on South Street for the school.- Security fencing around the track to maintain a secure border around the facility.- New concession stands, as well as new bleacher seating.- Improved bathrooms and walkways, as well as improved lighting in the high school building.- Field lighting for night games on the athletic fields.- Replacement of backstop on baseball and softball fields.The run the girls basketball team had to a state championship coincided nearly-perfectly with this vote — which Zielinski said contributed to the overall positivity about the things South Seneca had accomplished. “This whole run has been incredible, and it’s been all about the community,” he told FingerLakes1.com. “The excitement around South Seneca has just been fantastic,” he concluded.His professional career in South Seneca has encompassed nearly all of his adult life, as well. Whether it was working as an intern with the district in his early years, or working his way through teaching and administration with the school — he has cared deeply about the community he has been so involved with for over 20 years. While a specific timeline has not yet been determined on the capital project, the expectation is that it will take over one year to complete — which with the scope of the project — surprises very few. He told FingerLakes1.com that safety was really the top-priority in this capital project, and when the committee was putting together the details — they prioritized ensuring cost to taxpayers not increase from it’s current rate. Check out the rest of Josh Durso’s interview with South Seneca Superintendent Stephen Parker Zielinski on Inside the FLX.

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