Auburn Commanders hosting game for Coach Sims

The Auburn Commanders, a semi-professional football team who will call Lyons home this summer announced a benefit game for a football and track coach battling a neurological illness.The Curtis Sims benefit game will be to benefit a long-time Clyde-Savannah coach who is battling a rare neurological disease after a recent diagnosis. While Sims has been admitted into a nursing home, the Commanders owners Chris Kitchens and Brandy Townsend felt compelled to take part in this benefit game, which could end up being one of the largest charity football games in semi-pro history, according to the owners.Kitchens told FingerLakes1.com that after Sims coached his oldest son, and he saw the type of mentor he was to not only him, but the community as a whole in Clyde-Savannah — it motivated him to ensure that the Commanders were a part of this game.He continued, “To see such a great inspiration to the students of Clyde-Savannah struggling — it really hits in a soft spot.” Townsend was a graduate of Clyde-Savannah, which provided another obvious reason for the pair to pursue this benefit game.It took months for doctors to determine what was causing his physical issues, which included paralysis from the chest down at one point — but today — Sims is making significant strides toward recovery. Even more impressively, doctors say that due to his physical conditioning — a full-recovery is absolutely possible. A repeated goal by those close to Sims has been to walk, with the help of a cane, onto the football field in August when Clyde-Savannah takes the field for its first game of the year.The Curtis Sims benefit game, as well as all of the Commanders’ home games will be played at the Lyons High School football field — located at 10 Clyde Road in Lyons. Kickoff of the benefit game is scheduled for June 4th at 5 pm. The Auburn Commanders also announced the rest of their schedule over the weekend, which will include 10-games, two bye weeks, and additional charity games that have yet to be announced. Kitchens and Townsend are hoping to have additional charity games announced by seasons end. Some of the causes they hope to get involved with their charity games this season include, breast cancer awareness, military appreciation, and an ALS game. Check out the Auburn Commanders on Facebook here.The Auburn Commanders will be putting together Easter Baskets this spring for children in the area. For more information check out their Facebook page, which is linked above.

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