Falvey rules in favor of Meadow View Mine

The Yates County judge most-recently known for his decisions on del Lago Resort & Casino petitions issued a decision on another local matter.Acting Supreme Court Justice Patrick Falvey issued a decision in the case of the Seneca Meadows’ Meadow View Mine, a clay mine located in the Town of Waterloo. The Article 78 application was sought out by the Concerned Citizens of Seneca County to review a decision made by the Zoning Board of Appeals in the Town of Waterloo.The petitioners asserted that the access road leading to Meadow View Mine was located in an R-1 zone, which prohibits mining within the zoning law in Waterloo. The zoning code in Waterloo was not modified to allow mining in an R-1 zone, which led to Waterloo Code Enforcement Officer James Cleere to rule that a zoning change was not necessary.This was due to an inability for access to otherwise be granted, argued Cleere and Seneca Meadows, which was a major player in the decision as a whole. The petitioners argued that the access road is not permitted in the zone and they cited multiple instances court cases where the law was found unconstitutional due to dollar and cents proof, which they also argue was never found by Seneca Meadows.These arguments didn’t impact Falvey’s decision, though. The courts decision read in part, “The respondents’ motions to dismiss the petition is converted to a summary judgment motion and upon such conversion summary judgment is granted to the respondents. The petition is dismissed and the petitioners’ request for an injunction is denied.”Below is a statement from Seneca Meadows’ Kyle Black:“Seneca Meadows is pleased with the decision. Our company has earned a reputation for going above and beyond regulatory requirements to protect our environment, and we have met or exceeded the requirements for the Meadow View Mine. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has deemed our project application complete, and has issued a permit for its construction and operation. Seneca Meadows will maintain the same level of excellence in our operation of Meadow View that earned our company awards from the EPA and the Solid Waste Association of North America.”The decision, which was made on Friday, came just a day before hundreds of protesters gathered in Seneca Falls to protest the continued operation of the Seneca Meadows Landfill. It’s unclear if opponents of the Meadow View Mine will look for further action to challenge this development down the road, but the voices of those protesting will certainly continue to be heard — as the Town of Seneca Falls weighs a decision that could have significant long-term ramifications.FingerLakes1.com will have more this afternoon from the protest, which was organized and carried out in Seneca Falls contesting the growth and expansion of Seneca Meadows landfill.

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