Two dead, five hurt in Farmington accident

A fatal accident has been reported at the intersection of County Road 41 and County Road 28 in Shortsville. Five ambulances were called to the scene, when a pickup truck collided with an SUV. A third car was initially reported to be involved in the collision as well. The pickup became engulfed with flames. The two people in the pickup truck were pronounced dead at the scene. They have not yet been identified.

The driver of the SUV and the four children that were with him were taken to the hospital. The driver and three of the children have since been released from the hospital. The fourth child, who is 10-years-old, had surgery for internal injuries and is in stable conditions. The female driver in the third vehicle was hit by both cars but uninjured.Mercy Flight was put on standby. Ambulances were called in from Shortsville, Victor Farmington, Canandaigua and FingerLakes. First responders from all four communities responded to the accident and subsequent fire.Stay tuned to FingerLakes1.com for more information as it becomes available.

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