Jamestown Container to acquire H.P. Neun

Jamestown Container Companies, which currently operates a facility in Rochester is purchasing H.P. Neun. That means most of the company’s employees at the Lyons location will keep their jobs, according to the latest reports from company officials. Stephen Bregande, president of H.P. Neun said in a statement that, “Jamestown Container shares similar values, purpose and overall philosophy, with a well-earned reputation as a high quality manufacturer and excellent service provider.” He went on to point out that timing was important saying, “H.P. Neun agreed to sell our business now because we believe it is in the best interests of our customers, employees and shareholders.”According to documents filed earlier this week with the state of New York, many were concerned about the future of the 64 employees at the Lyons location — where the report suggested that all would be laid off. Jamestown Container says that the company will retain around 50 employees, which will mean just a dozen employees will actually lose their job in the transition. The long-term benefit will be profound, according to those at Jamestown Container. The relationships that they have already built with customers will only be made stronger with this acquisition.The transition is expected to be completed in mid-May. Jamestown Container also believes that this deal will spawn job creation within the company, citing the need for more distribution personnel. It’s unclear at this point how the transition will impact the Seneca Falls location. FingerLakes1.com will provide more information as details emerge regarding the acquisition of H.P. Neun.

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