Section V’s new ticket policy for Blue Cross Arena

The Section V boys basketball tournament committee announced on Friday that there would be a slight modification to ticket policies, compared to other years. The new guidelines would come in an effort to smooth the process of distributing tickets to visiting fans when games are played at the Blue Cross Arena in downtown Rochester.Individual schools will be responsible for ticket sales, according to the committee. Students will have the opportunity to buy up to three tickets, with student identification, and this will apply for all schools with teams who make it to the Blue Cross Arena.There will be a limited number of tickets also sold at the Blue Cross Arena box office. Additionally, any ticket purchasers that are 19-years-old or younger will need to be accompanied by an individual that is at least 20-years-old. The committee also said that they will be limiting the number of spectators in each group that are 19-years-old or less to five per group, which includes a 20-year-old.The somewhat complicated policy is something that will create a little confusion at the Blue Cross Arena, but should not take away from the atmosphere. Last year a fight broke out during a Section V basketball game at the Blue Cross Arena, and after it had been broken up – it resumed outside where Rochester Police eventually had to use pepper spray to break it up a second time. You can watch footage of the incident that happened during a live webcast on FingerLakes1.TV.While no one expects that kind of situation to happen, it’s something that clearly weighed heavily when the Section V boys basketball tournament committee ruled on what this year’s policy would look like heading to the games at the Blue Cross Arena.Check out FingerLakes1.com’s live Championship Week webcast schedule here.

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