New method for dialing local calls in the 315

On March 12th a change will be coming to the 315. For years, consumers have grown accustomed to dialing seven digits, which ultimately land a local call within the Finger Lakes. Except Frontier is changing all of that by introducing a new area code, which they call an area code overlay. The new area code will be 680 and while it won’t be a headache for a vast majority of people who use smart devices, it will be more challenging for the rest. A few notes of importance about the introduction of the 680 area code:- Dialing the area code will no longer be optional on any phone call. Calls made without an area code simply will not be connected or completed, says service providers. – When the change takes place it will require those who have phone numbers stored in their phones, address books, or other smart devices under seven digit numbers to make changes to those numbers — or again — the calls will not be connected or completed. – This won’t impact cost of local calls, or the method of dialing 911.It will impact convenience, though. Especially as consumers get used to this new methodology for making local phone calls.

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