Statement from Seneca County Chamber on Lago suit

“Businesses in Seneca County see a brighter economic future for our community, thanks in part to the Lago Resort & Casino. Unfortunately, the Oneida Indian Nation (OIN) continues to show a complete disregard for the welfare of residents in a significant portion of the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions through their repeated frivolous lawsuits. “I do, however, applaud the Oneida Indian Nation for finally recognizing that the state of New York extends for miles down the thruway and includes the burgeoning area known as Seneca County. Apparently, this fact was overlooked during the last 20+ years — as the OIN operated a monopolistic gambling enterprise without ever contributing to the growth and development of our community. Furthermore, many in our business community are perplexed by the ability of Indian Tribes like OIN and the Cayuga Indian Nation to pick and choose when they wish to acknowledge the legality of the State of New York. For years, our Chamber membership has watched these entities hide behind a “sovereign immunity” defense to avoid paying taxes or following local regulations. Their refusal to do so has put an enormous strain on our local economies and has caused severe hardship to law-abiding local businesses. This latest lawsuit is another financial burden that hard-working residents of our state will be forced to absorb through tax dollars. It is also part of the reason why the cost of doing business in this state is exorbitant. The Seneca County Chamber looks forward to the quick dismissal of this latest attack on our community’s continued renaissance. We appreciate the steadfast commitment of Lago Resort & Casino to contribute in meaningful ways to our community’s future growth and we hope the OIN will consider visiting our community — so they can realize what kind of hidden gem they have overlooked for many, many years.”

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