SCCCE to host Pheasant Rearing Workshop

Pheasant hunting has a long tradition as one the most popular small game hunting activities in New York State, but wild populations of this introduced species have reached all-time lows. Without propagation and release programs, pheasant hunting opportunities would not exist in New York. The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has a long history of propagating pheasants to help meet the demand for pheasant hunting opportunities. Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension (SCCCE) is offering you an opportunity to get involved in this worthwhile project.SCCCE is hosting a workshop on Tuesday, February 23rd from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension, 308 Main Street Shop Centre in Waterloo, to explain how you can get free day old pheasant chicks to raise and release into the wild. This program is free and open to the public. Registration for the program is requested by calling the SCCCE office at 315-539-9251.The Cooperative Day-old Pheasant Chick Program (DOCP) is one of the DEC’s programs that help make more game available for hunting and bird watching in the area. The DEC’s Bureau of Wildlife owns and operates the Richard E. Reynolds Game Farm located near Ithaca, the state’s only pheasant production facility. Approximately 40,000 day-old chicks are hatched and distributed to cooperators. Each cooperator receives a specified number of free day-old chicks to raise and release at no additional expense to DEC. All birds must be released on lands open for public hunting. Program participants include 4-H youth, sportsmen clubs, landowners, farmers, schools, NYS Department of Corrections, and other individuals. For the past 10 years Seneca County has been one of the top three counties with the number of birds raised and released. Come to this workshop and learn from staff from the Richard E. Reynolds Game Farm as they explain how the program works and give tips and ideas on successfully raising the day old chicks. The staff will also answer questions and give insights on what is required to make this program work for you. Rearing pheasants is enjoyable and challenging and also a good teaching tool for youth. Releasing the pheasants offers fall hunting opportunities and pheasants are an enjoyable addition to a property. The cooperator program provides a means for youth and adults to learn about the husbandry and natural history of pheasants, with an incentive to expand areas open for public hunting and to improve habitat for grassland wildlife species. For more information call the office, email Susan at [email protected], visit our website at www.senecacountycce.org or check us out on Facebook. Registration is requested by February 18, 2016. For nearly 100 years, Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension has served the people of the County, putting to practical use the scholarship and research of Cornell University and the national land grant system in the areas of agriculture and food systems sustainability; families, nutrition, health and safety (human ecology); youth development (4-H); environmental and natural resource enhancement; and community and economic vitality. The office is located at 308 Main Street Shop Centre in Waterloo and the telephone number is 315-539-9251.

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