Former student kills two, commits suicide at Geneseo

Sunday morning began like any other day at SUNY Geneseo. However, shortly after 6 am a 911 call was placed that tipped the morning upside down. Initially, the 911 call lacked detail and just indicated that something bad had happened at house on Wadsworth Street. Police were called to the home of Kelsey Annese, 21, of Webster. In the house Annese was found deceased, along with two other individuals. The other two individuals were identified as Matthew G. Hutchinson, 24, of Vancouver and Colin Kingston, 24, of Geneseo. Annese and Hutchinson were said to be currently enrolled at Geneseo, according to SUNY records. Annese and Hutchinson were both seniors. The two were actively involved in the community, with Annese playing for the women’s basketball team at Geneseo. Hutchinson played on the university hockey team and served on the local fire department. In an update from local authorities on Monday afternoon, Kingston was described as entering the house after purchasing the knife used to take the life of Annese without forced entry. The update from officials pointed out that Kingston had was the perpetrator of the crime and that it was being treated as a double-murder and homicide. The officers also pointed out that while it was speculation that Kingston likely entered the home while Hutchinson and Annese were asleep. The University of Geneseo called this day a “profoundly” sad day and said that there would be a remembrance ceremony scheduled for tomorrow. The two basketball games, which were scheduled for tomorrow evening have been postponed. The school continued, pointing out that they would have councillors in place throughout this difficult time, as students, faculty and the village of Geneseo work to grieve in this difficult time.

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