Tom Wilmot & Brent Stevens appear on FingerLakes1.TV

It was December 2013 when the Rochester-based Wilmorite Corp. delivered a proposal at the Magee Fire Department. There were more than 200 people in attendance to listen to what the Wilmot family had to offer the rural community of Tyre and more largely, Seneca County as a whole.Fast-forward to January 2016 and the 83-acre plot is being transformed into what will become a thriving, tourist-friendly destination. A little less than a month ago the gaming license was issued, which was viewed as one of the most-important points in the entire process.On Friday, Thomas Wilmot Sr. and Brent Stevens joined FingerLakes1.com in an exclusive interview on a special edition of Weber this Week. The date isn’t only significant for the interview, but also because of the beam signing that was scheduled for the same day. Wilmot Sr. eluded to the progress at the Lago Resort & Casino, pointing out that the foundations were nearly complete and the steel, which would be used to start making significant progress in construction over the next few weeks.Stevens and Wilmot Sr. talked about how their partnership developed over the last few years. While the pair had not worked together before, Stevens said that one of the things that most-impressed him about the Wilmot family was their overall involvement with the community, in addition to their involvement with the business. Wilmot and Stevens both spoke about the opposition that Lago Resort & Casino has faced to this point. They both pointed out that litigation is “part of the business.” Whether it’s a real-estate development in form of residential homes, or building a shopping center – litigation and opposition comes with the territory. He also pointed out that they have not been discouraged by any of the opposition to the Lago Resort & Casino. He said during the interview, the goal remains “proceeding as quickly as possible to open the facility.” Brent Stevens said of the resort project as a whole that, “We wanted to hear what the opportunities were as they were perceived by the community.” They made clear that it was about the community as a whole and an effort to enhance the tourism that exists in the region. He also pointed out that the process was thorough and that the community had to be seriously considered, so that comfort was achieved for the region as a whole. Stevens also pointed out that there would be a point system in play at Lago Resort & Casino, which would create “long-term partnerships” with local businesses. He also talked about the diversity associated with the jobs that will be offered at the Lago Resort & Casino. The opportunities will range from jobs in service to executive level positions. However, Stevens was excited to point out that the 1,800 jobs at the Lago Resort & Casino when it opens will really only be the beginning. As more development occurs around the casino there will additional jobs and the growth out there. They also pointed out that addressing the needs of employees was a serious concern of theirs as they moved through this process.When asked about saturation and market opportunity with casinos in New York State Stevens said “That is a great question for any business, not just this business.” However, he said that there is a “great opportunity” that remains here in present day.Wilmot Sr. said of his overall goals with the Lago Resort & Casino in Tyre that, “We’re going to do our very best to give you the best experience. We’re going to do everything we can to make that happen.”FingerLakes1.com will be at the beam signing at the Lago Resort & Casino, so check back with all the latest updates after that event which is slated for 2 pm.

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