Everwilde purchases Bristol Harbour in Canandaigua

Bristol Harbour Resort’s assets have been sold to developers of the Everwilde Inn & Spa. The purchase was finalized on Friday and highlights a momentous shift for one of the most well-known resorts in the Finger Lakes. The purchase included the golf course, marina, restaurant, in addition to the lodge.The purchase is intended to work in coordination with the soon-to-be Everwilde Inn & Spa, which is slated to be directly across the road from where Bristol Harbour Resort sits currently. A press release from Everwilde after the sale pointed out that, “The purchase of Bristol Harbour Resort is a synergistic fit that will allow visitors multiple options for high-end entertainment, dining and overnight stays in the area.”Everwilde is owned and operated by developers Todd and Laura Cook. The next step in the process for the Cooks’ is giving the facilities that exist currently within the Bristol Harbour family a facelift to get them ready for peak season. The Cooks’ said that there would also be significant upgrades to the overall facilities, which include the golf course, 31-room inn, and restaurant. Doug Weins, who is a managing member of South Bristol Resorts, LLC., pointed out that it has been a fun 16-year run for the group. He also pointed out that the sale of the facilities to the Cooks’ give the Bristol Harbour Resort the ability to have a life beyond the next few years, indicating that as the business has changed, so has the need for new developments.Laura Cook said of the sale in a statement that, “We are excited for the privilege to take Bristol Harbour Resort to the next chapter and improve upon the great things that the previous owners have invested in,”Stay tuned to FingerLakes1.com for more information as this story develops and the future of Bristol Harbour becomes clearer with it’s new ownership.

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