Macedon will vote on dissolution on March 15

Wednesday’s Village of Macedon board meeting was filled with the usual fireworks. However, not everything was business as usual as the board passed a resolution to have put the matter of dissolution to a vote. The board passed the resolution, which will give the registered voting population the opportunity to decide whether the Village of Macedon should be dissolved on March 15th. The timing of the vote will ensure that a special election won’t be necessary, which will also save taxpayers money this year. In an ironic twist though, voters will be deciding on the Mayor of Macedon, on the same day.The Village of Macedon could also be voting for their last mayor on March 15th, as well.Bill Murray, of One Macedon, who is running for Mayor of Macedon stated that he would be filing an Article 78. An Article 78 would bring the issue of dissolution before a judge and would challenge previous petitions. The Article 78 would also potentially nix the planned vote during the general election. At this point, the future of the Village of Macedon sits squarely in the hands of voters. Whether a dissolution plan is voted through or not, the implications of this election cycle are huge for residents of Macedon.Macedon Mayor Marie Cramer said that all of this will mean additional cost for taxpayers, as any legal action typically does. She also pointed out that the Article 78 will mean that for the 25% of voters who wanted a revote on the issue of dissolution will be muted, if the push is successful. FingerLakes1.com has reached out to the Town of Macedon for comment. Be sure to check back as more information becomes available from both the village and town. Let us know what you think about dissolving Macedon in the comments below.

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