Auburn announces citywide vote for Jan. 13

Residents living in the Auburn Enlarged City School District will be voting this Wednesday in a special vote. The vote will take place on Wednesday, January 13th from 7 am to 9 pm and will include a number of propositions that have been hot button issues in recent public hearings. Sale of the former West Middle School to Two Plus Four Management – which will bring $1.06 million to the district when completed is one of the propositions up for vote on Wednesday. West Middle School stopped functioning in 2011 and was closed up that year. The school is located on Genesee Street and is slated to be converted into apartments, which carries a tax incentive to the community – when the building is returned to the tax rolls.The more polarizing issue in Auburn for residents is a matter of athletics. Upgrading the facilities at the Auburn Junior High School and Holland Stadium has been a hot button issue. The concern is over $2.8 million, which would need to be borrowed to complete the upgrades. The upgrades include the installation of artificial turf at Holland Stadium.A wealth of concerns outlined by nine public speakers who took to the podium in a public hearing on Wednesday ranged from the risk of cancer caused by artificial turf, as well the concerns about academics in Auburn. Some speakers pointed out that the district should, “look closely at our curriculum,” because “test scores” have reiterated that point.Mike Currier, a resident of Auburn expressed the frustration of this entire vote. He said, “Twice we voted to put this away, and away for good, and now we’re getting it jammed down our throats a third time. The people don’t want it.” He went on to express that he was completely “dead-set against it.”Dick Williams, who is a member of the Turf Committee in Auburn did remind those in attendance that state aid, which can only be used for capital improvements – would cover 83% of the overall expense. He and others pointed out that this is money that won’t always be around – if it just goes unused completely.The polling places include: Casey Park Elementary School, Auburn Junior High School, Owasco Elementary School, Seward Elementary School and West Middle School. Absentee ballots will be available for those who will not be able to attend. Those residents unable to attend should contact the District Office at (315) 255-8822 or (315) 255-8850.Stay tuned to FingerLakes1.com for the latest news and information as the vote draws closer.

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