‘No confidence’ vote for Auburn PD Chief

Auburn Police Chief Brian Neagle faces an uncertain future — as an overwhelming vote of “no confidence” was administered on December 22. The report began circulating, as documentation of the vote began making its way through the media late Tuesday morning. The results of the secret ballot vote, which was held on December 22 revealed that more than 90% of the eligible police officers on the force in Auburn had “no confidence,” in Chief Neagle moving forward. Some of the claims levied against Chief Neagle in the documentation included:- Creating a hostile work environment.- Ruling through fear and intimidation.- Having a vindictive personality, which led to a significant reduction in overall morale.The hostile work environment was created, according to the documents, through creating a level of intimidation, which created a fear of retaliation for officers who might push against the grain — or report something that didn’t fit within Chief Neagle’s overall mission.In all, Chief Neagle has 19 union claims levied against him. However, not all of the claims made against him are personal. While a majority of the union claims against him are personal, some are also fiscal. The Auburn Police Department had their Asset Forfeiture accounts frozen by the Department of Justice, as an ongoing investigation into the handling of those funds took place. Some have directly attributed the poor handling of those funds to Chief Neagle.Pending an investigation into another claim — the union is asking that Chief Neagle, who is out on medical leave currently — be suspended until a third-party can complete a thorough investigation. The claim alleges that Chief Neagle intentionally forced disciplinary action against an officer who was on pace for a promotion to Lieutenant. The union says that this is the type of behavior that has created this troubling environment.The union also pointed out that this vote was a reflection of the majority opinion, which is that Chief Neagle lacks the honesty or ability to continue running the force.- View the official Auburn Police Union document outlining the vote (.pdf)While Auburn officials have not yet commented on this matter — FingerLakes1.com will continue updating this story as more information becomes available.

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