Nozzolio sending holiday packages to soldiers

Continuing his unwavering commitment to the brave men and women serving our Nation, State Senator Mike Nozzolio announced today that his annual “Holiday Drive for the Troops” has collected and will be shipping 125 individual holiday packages to area soldiers serving overseas. This year, Assemblyman Brian Kolb, Assemblyman Gary Finch, Assemblyman Bob Oaks, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano and Webster Supervisor Ron Nesbitt joined with Senator Mike Nozzolio to make this “Holiday Drive for the Troops” one of the largest drives ever.Each year during the Holiday season, Senator Nozzolio collects nonperishable items from the community to be sent to our military personnel deployed overseas. Senator Nozzolio was inspired to begin this annual drive with the help and support of Belinda McElroy of Sodus, whose two sons previously served overseas.Senator Mike Nozzolio also recently visited Bostrom Farms in Stanley where he thanked co-owners Ben Wickham and Kevin Bostrom for donating over 1,300 packages of beef jerky to the annual drive. Ben and Kevin wanted to help support the annual holiday drive and encourage others to help as well. Bostrom Farms is a local meat market that sells fresh pork, beef, and chicken products to both individual consumers and restaurants in the Finger Lakes Region. “I was pleased to be able to work with Bostrom Farms and a number of my colleagues to expand this year’s “Holiday Drive for the Troops” and collect even more items for our servicemen and women serving overseas,” said Senator Mike Nozzolio. “The success of our annual “Holiday Drive for the Troops” is a tribute to the strength and patriotism of our community and I thank all of those who took the time to contribute to this year’s efforts.”

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