SFHS to honor E Cady Stanton’s 200th Birthday

The Seneca Falls Historical Society invites you to join in the Celebration of the anniversary of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s 200th Birthday on November 14th at the Gould Hotel. Jody Luce, head costumer for Syracuse Opera, will be our speaker. Jody is operating a costume design business in her home studio where she creates reproduction clothing for living historians and museums. Since becoming connected with Gerrit Smith Estates National Landmark, located in Peterboro, NY, Jody has become engrossed in the dress reform movement and founder Elizabeth Smith Miller and her connection to Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Jody will speak on the Dress Reform Movement and will come dressed in 1851 costume. We are also happy to have Menzo Case, President of Generations Bank, to speak about an exciting new upcoming event the Bank is sponsoring.The lunch is at 11:00 am, fee is $30. Reservations are requested. Please call the Society at 315-568-8412.

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