Shipley responds to Assemblyman Pretlow on Lago

Below is a statement by Robert Shipley, Seneca County Indian Affairs Chairman…The argument being made today by Assemblyman Pretlow asking Gaming Commission to reject Lago) is beyond comprehension. Last I checked, people in this state are free to make their own choices regarding what job they take. If someone decides that a job is better at Lago vs. Turning Stone — then it is their right to choose a better paying job/better career advancement opportunity. It is up to Turing Stone to offer their employees more pay or better benefits. Of all people, Assemblyman Pretlow should know this concept — since his party is adamantly fighting for a higher minimum wage increase across the state. If someone leaves Turning Stone for Lago, Turning Stone will simply fill that position from a new pool of candidates — thus job creation NOT cannibalization.The only thing being cannibalized in this situation is the Seneca County Taxpayers — whose wallets have been “cannibalized” for some time now, thanks to state and federal officials who continue to turn their backs on the rights of upstate citizens. For years, Indian tribes like the Cayuga Indian Nation and Oneida Nation have held an unfair business advantage in terms of Casino gaming. More importantly, these tribes have amassed enormous amounts of wealth (that would rival any big corporation) and made a mockery out of our legal process — as they intentionally evade paying taxes that you or I would have to pay for the same services. Furthermore, the hypocrisy of these Indian Tribes is rampant — Considering they think nothing of driving smaller entrepreneurs out of business who can’t compete with their lower prices on items like cigarettes and gasoline since the tribes pay none of the taxes our state government mandates.

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