Lago Resort & Casino launches media campaign

Lago Resort & Casino today launched a media campaign to set the record straight about the benefits of the proposed development and refute a series of false and misleading claims made by the Oneida Indian Nation. Lago is a $425 million investment in the future of Seneca County and the Finger Lakes region. The proposed project has been exhaustively reviewed and analyzed by numerous state and local parties and the support has been overwhelmingly positive. Lago Resort and Casino embraced this scrutiny, and has met or exceeded expectations at every step along the way. Lago will create 1800 construction jobs, and 1,800 new permanent positions. It will generate 3.4 million annual visitors to the Finger Lakes Region and provide more than $50 million in yearly payroll and benefits to upstate New York. Approximately $80 million yearly in gaming taxes for the state and local governments will be generated by Lago. Seneca County and Tyre will each receive $6.5 million annually to help revitalize the County and Town. In a last minute attempt to preserve their decades-long monopoly, the Oneidas have engaged in a carefully orchestrated legal and public relations disinformation campaign to stall Lago’s construction. “The Oneida campaign is transparently self-serving and manipulative. It is also grounded on misrepresentation and obvious fear tactics. Lago will succeed because the economic benefits are indisputable,” said Thomas C. Wilmot, Sr., Chairman of Wilmorite and a Lago Resort & Casino Director. “This action should be seen for what it is – a blatant attempt by the Oneidas to delay Lago and undermine the State’s carefully designed review process,” Wilmot said. “Every day that Lago is delayed is a loss for the residents of Tyre, Seneca County and Upstate New York. More than 2,400 New Yorkers – nearly 2,000 from the region – have inquired about jobs at Lago. We share their enthusiasm for the project and we look forward to the day when we can put many of these good people to work,” Wilmot said. “The Oneidas fear competition. Even though they enjoy a strict prohibition on competition in 10 counties, they want more. With few options left, they have decided it is easier to rewrite the rules than to follow them,” said M. Brent Stevens, Managing Member of Peninsula Pacific, and a Lago Resort & Casino Director. “Extensive studies show that the region can support another casino. Our goal all along has been to build a world-class destination resort that will help revitalize the economy of our region and bring increased tourism to the Finger Lakes,” Wilmot said. “And it’s what Lago will deliver.” The new Lago Resort & Casino television ad can be viewed here: HERE The copy for the ad is below: Title: FalseVideoAudioFreeze frame of their ad.Monopoly shots WOSBack to ad with “shifting jobs” on screenWords on Screen: FALSE.B-roll Jobs: welder, construction, etc.WOS: Real Jobs. Real Economic Growth. For More information: LagoFacts.com Why the attack ads?For the Oneidas, it’s all about keeping their monopoly—greed, preventing competition and killing new jobs for New York.Take the Oneidas claim that the Lago Resort and Casino breaks its promise of new jobs.False.The Lago Resort and Casino will create 1800 new construction jobs and 1800 new permanent jobs for Upstate New York. Real Jobs. Real Economic Growth

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