Construction on Lago resumes in Tyre today

After the Tyre Town Board unanimously approved the final site plan for the Lago Resort & Casino last night, two Lago partners – Thomas C. Wilmot, Sr., Wilmorite Chairman, and M. Brent Stevens, Managing Member of Peninsula Pacific – hailed the decision, thanked the Town Board for its commitment and determination, and announced that construction on Lago will begin again immediately. “Throughout this entire process, Supervisor Ron McGreevy and the entire Tyre Town Board have worked harder and more diligently than any local government body I have ever seen. They have studied the issues down to the smallest details. They have asked the tough questions and demanded solid answers,” Wilmot said. “We appreciated those questions and we provided answers.“My Lago partners and I could not be more appreciative of the Town Board’s effort and commitment and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the people of Tyre and Seneca County as we move forward to build the newest and best resort Upstate New York has ever seen,” Stevens said.Wilmot and Stevens said that the resumption of construction at the Lago site will begin immediately. They said the pace of construction in the coming weeks and months will depend on the weather and the timing of when the New York State Gaming Commission issues casino licenses. Lago and two other casinos were selected last December by the New York State Facility Location Board to be able to apply for casino licenses.“Today we recommence construction. Ultimately, construction will result in 1,800 new construction jobs and then 1,800 permanent jobs for people who desperately need the work,” Stevens said. “Now that construction is resuming, we know that – pending the issuance of a casino license – Lago is expected to be fully operational in the first half of 2017.”“We are delighted that with the Project Labor Agreement Lago entered into with the Finger Lakes Building & Construction Trades Council, we will begin employing hundreds of skilled local tradespeople. They will both build Lago – the gateway to the Finger Lakes region – and help build a brighter future for the Tyre, Seneca County and the entire region – new jobs, new businesses and increased tourism. Now, that’s a reason to cheer,” Wilmot said.

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