Lago praises Tyre board for development approval

Thomas C. Wilmot, Sr., Wilmorite Chairman, and M. Brent Stevens, Managing Member of Peninsula Pacific – two Lago Resort & Casino partners – praised the Town of Tyre for the open and inclusive public process undertaken to approve the development plan for Lago and adopt a local law amending the Town’s zoning law and map, creating a Planned Unit Development (PUD) district for the project.“Thank you, Supervisor Ron McGreevy and the entire Tyre Town Board. You have once again demonstrated your dedication and commitment to the people of Tyre by the transparent and inclusive way you continue to look at the issues surrounding Lago and its impact on your community,” Wilmot said. “We are heartened by the Town’s decision to approve the Lago Resort & Casino development plan as meeting the criteria of the Town’s PUD law, and adopt a local law creating a PUD district for the project.“Moreover, we appreciate the Town’s diligence and commitment to conducting the process in a way that ensures full participation by the residents of Tyre, Seneca County and the surrounding communities,” Wilmot said. “We know that you listened and responded to the public comments. We heard and read them as well, which is why our enthusiasm for being welcomed into Tyre as its newest neighbor only continues to grow.”Last night, the Tyre Town Board unanimously approved the Lago application under the Town’s existing PUD law, which involved the approval of the Lago development plan and adoption of a local law creating a PUD district for the project. The Town must sill determine whether or not to approve the Lago site plan and the Community Mitigation Plan proposed by Lago.“Our team has worked with many local governments in states across this country and I’ve never seen one more committed to being thorough, deliberative and open in its activities,” Stevens said. “The Supervisor and Town Board have been demanding of Lago and it’s to their credit. We have responded in kind, ensuring that we have answered every question and provided every piece of information possible for the people and government of Tyre. We are inching closer to Lago becoming a reality and we could not be more excited.”

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