Lago granted motion to appeal to Court of Appeals

Lago Resort & Casino partners Thomas C. Wilmot, Sr., Wilmorite Chairman, and M. Brent Stevens, Managing Member of Peninsula Pacific, hailed the ruling by the Fourth Department of the Appellate Division granting leave to appeal the Fourth Department’s July decision to the Court of Appeals, New York’s top court.”We have long been convinced and we continue to believe that the Town acted appropriately and legally in June 2014, reaching its determination under the State Environmental Quality Review Act that Lago will not have a significant adverse impact on the environment,” Wilmot said.”While the Town’s determination last Thursday under SEQRA – for the second time – has the practical effect of correcting the Fourth Department’s decision – even if it is ultimately found to be legally correct – we believe it is still important for the Court of Appeals to clarify requirements under SEQRA,” Wilmot said.”Lago has, is and always will be committed to building and operating a destination resort that provides jobs, attract tourists to the Finger Lakes region and protects and preserves the environment and the quality of life for the people of Tyre,” Stevens said. “The Wilmots are third generation businesspeople who live and work in the Finger Lakes region and nothing will ever deter them from working hard for the region and its people. Peninsula Pacific is proud to be partnered with the Wilmots and we look forward to opening the best resort and casino Upstate New York has ever seen.”Last Thursday, after more than 25 hours in public sessions, reading thousands of pages of documents, talking to experts, and listening to their constituents, the Tyre Town Board for the second time determined there are no issues in which the building and operation of Lago will have a significant and adverse impact on the town.

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