Lago applauds Tyre Board for SEQRA Decision

Two Lago Resort & Casino partners – Thomas C. Wilmot, Sr., Wilmorite Chairman, and M. Brent Stevens, Managing Member of Peninsula Pacific – applauded the Town of Tyre for its determination last night that the Lago Resort & Casino will not have a significant adverse impact on the environment. “On behalf of my partners at Peninsula Pacific, our team and everyone connected with the Lago Resort & Casino, I want to extend our deep appreciation for the time, effort and work put in over the last several weeks by Tyre Supervisor Ron McGreevy, the members of the Tyre Town Board and their staff,” Wilmot said. “The Town Board has spent more than 25 hours in public sessions – and countless hours reading documents, talking to experts in a variety of fields, and listening to their constituents – examining every potential environmental impact that Lago could possibly have effecting the people and Town of Tyre. The Board and Supervisor have gone above and beyond what any governing body has ever done in carrying out their responsibilities in my 50 years of working on projects across the state,” Wilmot said “The State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) requires the lead agency – in this case, the Tyre Town Board – to take a ‘hard look’ at any issue that might have any environmental impact on the town. Supervisor McGreevy and the Town Board did that and more,” Wilmot said. “They put us to the test, as well they should. In fact, this was the second time they put us to the test, and their due diligence is a credit to the people of Tyre who elected these true public servants,” Stevens said. “We are very proud of what Lago will be and we are grateful to the town leaders who pushed us to make it even better, ensuring that we take every step possible to mitigate any adverse impacts Lago could potentially cause for the people of Tyre. We have done that.” “That’s why we are so gratified that the Town Board – for the second time – has found that there are no issues in which the building and operation of Lago will have a significant and adverse impact on the town. We look forward to the Town Board’s continued examination of issues regarding Lago, such as our site plan and other issues,” Stevens said. “Mostly, however, we look forward to being awarded a license by the New York State Gaming Commission, putting 1,800 people to work building Lago and then 1,800 people to work when Lago begins operation. We could not be more excited about the potential to provide jobs for Seneca County residents and other Upstaters who desperately need jobs, increasing tourism for the beautiful Finger Lakes region we call home, and helping to rebuild the economy of Seneca and surrounding counties,” Wilmot said.

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