Geneva to temporarily close yard debris disposal site

The City of Geneva has announced the temporary closure of the Doran Avenue lawn debris disposal site. The site will be closed until mid-August to address issues associated with illegal dumping of non-yard waste material. In 2013 the City modified operations at the site to move from a manned operation with access limited to normal business hours and Saturday mornings, to an unmanned site accessible to the public at all times. Throughout 2013 and 2014 this change proved successful, with no major incidents of illegal dumping. Recently the City has seen a swell of prohibited materials and commercial use of the site. This has slowed processing of yard material due to the need to separate clean debris from junk and other refuse. During the closure, City crews will separate and dispose of clean debris and remove all other refuse from the site. Additionally, site improvements will be made including enhanced visibility onto the site from Doran Avenue and the installation of a camera to identify illegal dumping. Staff will also pursue the introduction of ordinance changes to provide for stronger penalties for illegal dumping at the site. The site is slated to reopen on August 17th.

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