2016 budget proposal to Geneva City Council

The Geneva City Manager’s Office is now accepting applications from community not-for-profit agencies for funding for the 2016 budget proposal to City Council. As in recent years, resources are tight, so only those programs and services that align with the City brand elements and Strategic Imperatives, and for which the best leverage of City funds can be attained, will be funded.All agency proposals should include the following:1. A brief overview of your organization2. An overview of the programs for which you are seeking City investment3. A total agency budget, total program budget, and amount you are seeking from the City4. Total individuals you anticipate to serve through City-supported programs For the 2016 program submittals, all information should be submitted electronically in PDF format to me at [email protected] NO LATER THAN 5 P.M. ON AUGUST 14th. Late or incomplete submittals may not be considered.The City of Geneva: the model city for progressive economic and community development; investing public resources wisely, and delivering unique value to our residents, businesses, and visitors.Vision StatementGeneva: A City of diverse assets; a community of choice for an engaged, creative, and active citizenry; a premier destination for progressive households, businesses, and visitors.Strategic ImperativesThe City of Geneva will achieve its vision through the effective execution of our mission. We recognize that progress toward our vision is most effectively achieved via the allocation of resources to the following strategic imperatives:* Economic Development: Private investment and job creation contribute to community success through diversification of the tax base and enhancement of quality of life for our residents. City Council will continue to make investments in well thought out economic development efforts that attract high-quality commercial activity. Our efforts will be focused on those investments that enhance our posture as a regional tourism center, a haven for small, independent businesses, and promote an industrial sector that provides high-skilled, high paying jobs, while respecting our sensitive watershed environment.* Talent Capitalization: Vast community resources exist in our active residents and engaged civic, business, and not-for profit partners. City Council will invest time, effort, and resources in cultivating relationships–with existing and potential partners, in an effort to leverage public resources, community effort, and expertise. Infrastructure will be developed and utilized to seek out, evaluate, cultivate, and implement innovative programs and services to increase value to residents, visitors, and businesses.* Asset Promotion: Active promotion of regional and community assets are critical to the development of a sound economic and community development program. In order to maintain and advance our position as a community of choice for residents, businesses, and visitors, City Council will invest resources to elevate our visibility among target audiences through effective and efficient brand distribution strategies, leveraging the resources of economic development and other community partners.* Pride of Place: Promoting our community as a destination for discerning households, visitors, and businesses begins with intrinsic pride of place. Council will invest resources in efforts that engender neighborhood and community pride through programs and services that enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of public spaces, and that showcase Geneva as a model community.

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